Make PRINT interactive

and bring PRINT to life


LINK any object to various digital content

Attach photos, videos, audio, documents, website links, and contact details to any object or printed material.

A quick and easy way to show more content

Powered by image recognition, choose any print material or object you want your audience to scan so they can view more content.

All you need to do is:


Take a picture or upload a picture from your device of the object.


Add your content (photos, videos, audio, documents, website links and contact details).

SCAN and discover

Your target audience can scan the object to see all of the content you attached.

No more typing, searching or QR codes

Your target audience can instantly see & learn more information just by scanning the print material or object!

With their device, all they need to do is:


Go to the Pic It! app and press “Scan”.


Make sure the object is within the view of the camera, press and more content will appear.

See how you can use Pic It!


Create an interactive flyer and show more information simply by scanning it. For example, your customers can scan the flyer to watch a video, see other products in your range, read customer reviews, and visit your website and social media.

Business Card

Your audience can instantly see and save your contact information when they scan your business card. They can also call, email, and visit your website and social media.


Create a contactless menu where your customers can scan the restaurant or cafe’s logo to view it. You can also show your current promotion and a link to your website and social media.


Enhance your customers’ retail experience by recommending your outfit ideas. Your customers can scan the clothes to see what garments, accessories, shoes, or bags match them.


Make more room for your packaging design where your customers can scan the product to view more information. You can also show customer reviews and a link to your website and social media.

and so much more...

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