What is Pic It!?

Pic It! is an app that allows you to view more content when you scan an image. It also allows you to create the additional content that people see in a variety of ways.

How does it work?

To view additional content simply open the app and press ‘Scan’. Your screen will become a camera and you press on the **icon icon at the bottom of the screen it will scan the object to reveal additional content.

The additional content is created all within the app when you press ‘Create Pic’. Here, you can take photos, videos and audio or retrieve them from your device to allow other people to view them whenever they scan your Pic.

What is a Pic?

A Pic is an image or object created by someone that can be scanned on a device allowing additional content to be viewed. Additional content that you create is linked to a Pic.

Can I use Pic It! for free?

Yes. Scanning and viewing additional content is always free. Downloading the app is also free. The only time costs are involved is when you create your own Pic and subscribe to a plan.

What can I view?

After scanning an image you can view photos, videos and listen to audio clips.

What are the best things to create a Pic?

A Pic is best created using a still image that is printed. However, Pics can be with screen images, live objects or even people. Remember, the image or object that is being scanned must be an exact replica of what was used to create the Pic.

How do people know what is a Pic?

Normally the **icon icon will be printed on the page that is a Pic which people understand as something to scan. You can always just tell someone too or have a little slip of paper that gives them instructions to scan.

Why not use a QR code?

Because they are ugly. Who wants a big square icon on the page when you don’t have to have anything at all? And if you do use the P icon we’ve designed it so it blends in enough to not ruin your well-designed image.

It’s also not as versatile as Pic It! You can do so much more with Pic It!

How can I create my own Pic?

You can create your own Pic by pressing on ‘Create Pic’ on the opening screen or by going into ‘My Pics’ from the menu.

You then just need to press on one of the **icon boxes. You will be asked to select an appropriate plan that best suits your purpose. Your Pic will be the image that others will scan which you select by taking a photo.

After taking a photo press on the **icon icon and you have the choice of adding a photo, video **icon or audio **icon. When you have finished press ‘Done’ and your gallery will be uploaded ready for people to start scanning and viewing.

What do the icons mean?

**icon Menu

**icon Turn light on when taking photos

**icon Press to scan

**icon Move back to ‘My Pics’

**icon Add a video

**icon Add an audio clip

**icon Delete a Pic or close a screen

**icon Add an image, video or audio clip to your Pic

**icon Take a photo with your device’s camera

**icon Use a photo from your device’s library

Who can use Pic It!?

Anyone. Whether it is personal such as inviting people to your wedding, or business where you provide more information about your products or services, or even having the coolest CV when applying for your next job, Pic It! is the best and easiest way to give people more, no matter who you are. If you are under 18 years of age, though, just check with mum or dad first before subscribing.

Does it cost to use Pic It!?

It doesn’t cost anything to use Pic It! for scanning, no matter how many images you scan. It does cost, however, to create Pics because there are costs associated with that.

What are ‘My Pics’?

This is your collection of Pics that you have created. You can have as many Pics as you like.

How do I scan to view additional content?

When you open the app there is an option to ‘Scan’. Simply press on that and your screen will be like a camera. Press on the **icon icon at the bottom of the screen to scan an image (Pic).

How long does a video or audio clip last?

Each video or audio clip can last up to 15 seconds. Your screen will count down from 15 to show remaining time. You can not break up the time to create multiple clips. We recommend this time frame to maintain interest by the people viewing or listening to your content.

How do I view additional content?

When you open Pic It!, simply press on ‘Scan’, point your device at the image or object that is a Pic and press **icon at the bottom of the screen. **icon is the icon to press for viewing videos or listening to audio clips. The gallery swipes up and down.

What is a Pic Link?

A Pic Link allows a person’s contact details to be viewed or saved on another device by scanning a Pic. It is a quick and simple way to add a contact and their details without having to type anything in.

How do I access the P logo?

On the website is a Downloads section where you can download high resolution icons for free. Pick the best one for your purpose.

What photos can I add?

There are two ways to add photos. You can use your device’s camera and add it directly to your Pic or you can choose an image from your device’s library. This is the same for videos and audio.

What if I want to edit my photo?

Simply take a photo first and use your device’s image enhancement tools to create the image you require. Then simply choose the image from the library by pressing on the **icon icon.

How do I renew my subscription?

It’s easy. You will reminded 7 days before your subscription ends that it will soon be time to renew. Or go to ‘My Pics’, press on your Pic and a pop-up tab will appear. Press on ‘Renew’ and you’re done.

How do I edit my additional content?

During your subscription period you can edit the additional content people view (but not the Pic that people scan). Go to ‘My Pics’, press on your Pic and then press on ‘Edit’. You can add or delete images, video or audio according to your plan.

Can I change a Pic in my subscription period?

Pics (images that people scan) can not be changed within a 30 days subscription (Classic or Pro). The content that people view can be changed.

An annual subscription allows for both Pics and additional content to be edited at any time.

Can I have more than one Pic?

Of course you can.

Can I have multiple plans that are different?

You can have that too.

Where is the menu?

When you swipe left to right on the screen the menu will appear. Alternatively you can press on the P icon.

How do I log in?

When you first use Pic It! you will be asked to log in. This can be through your email, Google or Facebook account. Once logged in you can stay logged in. Be sure to keep your password secure if you feel someone may use your Pic It! account without your consent.

How do I pay for my subscription?

Your payments are made through the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores, whichever you have subscribed to. It is a safe, secure and easy payment system which allows for smoother operation and peace of mind.

Can I share or print additional content?

As long as any of the content is not copyrighted, photos, videos and audio clips can be shared and printed for the intention of the creator. Information added is deemed available to the public when a Pic is created.

What if I see something inappropriate?

Please contact us immediately by press on the P icon and then ‘Report as inappropriate’. We will review the report and delete if necessary. Pic It! strongly encourages a common sense approach to its use and will not tolerate senseless or inappropriate material.

How do I delete a Pic?

In ‘My Pics’ press the **icon icon on the Pic you would like to delete.

Do I need to have the Pic It! icon on my Pic?

No. If you do use the icon it is simply to show people there is additional content to view. You can always just tell someone to scan an image or include another piece of paper with instructions on how to view the additional content.

How many photos, video or audio clips can I add?

Depending on your plan will determine how many files you can add.
FREE 30 day trial – 3 images
CLASSIC – 20 images plus 2 15 second videos plus 2 15 second audio clips
PRO – 50 images plus 3 15 second videos plus 3 15 second audio clips
PIC LINK – 1 image plus all contact details
ANNUAL – 10 Classic Pics

How much does a Pic cost?

A pic lasts for 30 days and costs vary according to what plan you are on.
FREE – 30 days free. $1.49 per 30 days after the trial period.
CLASSIC – $4.99 per 30 days
PRO – $8.99 per 30 days
PIC LINK – $4.99 per 30 days
ANNUAL – $499.99 per 365 days – Save $98.81

How long does my subscription last?

Each Pic will last 30 days. You will be asked to renew your subscription – it is not automatically renewed. Pics can be altered in the 30 days.

Annual Pics last for 365 days. Pics can be altered at any time of the subscription – it doe snot have to be used for 30 days.

Why would a business not use a website or Facebook?

Good question. The answer: simplicity. With just one tap your customers gain access to relevant and detailed information. They don’t have to navigate through a website or social media trying to find information that may not be relevant. Research shows that customers appreciate their time not being wasted, especially avoiding ads, which may result in increased sales.

What is coming up for Pic It!?

There are some exciting new features that will make Pic It! interactive and be loaded with even more great features.