How can Pic It! be used?

Here are some examples of how you can use Pic It!


When applying for a job, have a short video introducing yourself along with images of projects or products you’ve undertaken.


Diners will be able to scan a menu and view photos of the dishes as well as nutritional information or ingredients.


Scan a clothing tag to view other clothing by a particular designer as well as where it was made and the resources used. It can also show how it is worn and what accessories can be worn with it.


Using Pic It! with clients in order to sell products and services. Video and radio ads can also be included to create diversity in advertising mediums.


Give fans all the information they require about a band or music artist. You can also make certain photos accessible that fans can download, share and print.


Have your guests scan your invitation to find out details of your wedding, include a little video message from the bride and groom as well as a map and registry details.

Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer

Trainers can provide one-on-one instruction to a client through photos and videos of specific exercises without having to be there 24/7. The client doesn’t have to guess because it is on their device whenever they want to use it. This is also personal because each video or photo is tailored to the client and they don’t have to sort through a website finding exactly what they need.


Make the pages come alive of your magazine or newsletter. Fill it with additional photos and videos of behind the scenes or hints and tips for your readers.


Hymns, prayers, advertisements, information, groups – there is no limit to what can be added.


Lower Primary

Show students how to form letters on a video and provide a list of spelling words and reading words they can take home and use with their parents.

Upper Primary

Provide solutions to maths homework through photos, videos or both. Parents can also understand what is being taught and how to help explain it to their children.

Lower Secondary

When students scan a particular piece of sports equipment they can view demonstrations of how it is used. This can be done at school or home.

Upper Secondary

Students can submit their own portfolio of work showing varying stages of development of a project. At an art exhibition the additional content adds an extra dimension for viewers of the artwork as it becomes a personal and interactive display for each piece.

School Administration

  • Videos of sports carnivals and additional photos can be linked to pages of a school yearbook.
  • For prospective families, scanning a prospectus can provide virtual tours of the school, a classroom in action or images of current school events giving a much more relevant and realistic viewpoint of the school.
  • You can also film classroom teachers for a Staff Handbook showing best classroom practices and additional information that staff require for delivering effective lessons to students.